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This agreement between the Los fresnos Little League (hereinafter, "Local Little League") and (hereinafter, "Sponsor") is for the 2015 season.

Sponsorship of a team in the Los Fresnos Little League must be, for the Sponsor, out of a sense of duty to help the community. While Sponsorship does afford some benefits (detailed below), the higher purpose is to help the Local Little League impart the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play to the children of the community, so that they may someday use these values in becoming good citizens.

Sponsorship of a team in the Los Fresnos Little League does not permit the Sponsor to have any rights or responsibilities in the operation of the Los Fresnos Little League or any team in the Local Little League, nor does the Sponsor have any rights or responsibilities in the selection of managers, coaches or players for any team in the Los Fresnos Little Leagues. Nothing herein shall make us partners or joint ventures. The Sponsor and the Local Little League are independent contractors with respect to one another, and neither shall have any authority to represent or bind the other in any manner or to any extent whatsoever, except as specified herein.

The Sponsor shall have the right to use the following therms in advertisements, posters, brochures, newsletters, etc.: "Sponsor of a team in the Los Fresnos Little League." Sponsorship does NOT give the right to use the word "official" in connection with its sponsorship. Any reference to the Sponsorship under this agreement must make it clear that the Sponsorship is with the Local Little League ONLY, and NOT with Little League Baseball and Softball, the organization. Use of the marks of logos of Little League Baseball and Softball by any local sponsor is prohibited, unless permission is expressly granted in writing by Little League baseball, Incorporated.

Sponsorship in the Los Fresnos Little League carries with it the following additional benefits:
Please refer to the sponsorship levels on the opposite side of this page to determine your additional benefits. For the above considerations, the Sponsor donates $ to the Los Fresnos Little League, understanding that its donation is to benefit the entire league.

Accepted and agreed to:
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